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    SmartBuyGlasses Switzerland is the largest online full-service optical shop in Switzerland. Choose from a huge range of designer eyeglasses and have them professionally fitted by our expert optical partners and laboratories. At SmartBuyGlasses, we make shopping online for your prescription glasses simple, efficient and safe. Simply choose your favourite glasses frame and have them fitted with ophthalmic lenses at a fraction of the cost of a brick and mortar store. Our licensed optical dispensers provide 100% accuracy and quality for each prescription lens fitting.

    Lenses Guide

    SmartBuyGlasses offers an unbeatable range of high quality house brand prescription lens types, also offering premium brand Arise Collective™ clarity lenses. Our lenses cover refractive indexes of 1.50, 1.61, 1.67 or 1.74 for single, bifocal or progressive vision correction needs. All of the lenses that we offer are either made of CR39, Polycarbonate or High Index plastic material. All our lenses are impact resistant for optimal eye protection. Please refer to the other Premium Lenses information tabs to learn more about prescription lenses at SmartBuyGlasses Switzerland.

    Reasons to Buy Prescription Lenses

    • Exclusive 24 Month Warranty
    • FREE Scratch Resistant Coating
    • FREE Anti-Glare Coating
    • FREE UV Protection
  • Prescription Lenses Type


    Distance Wear Lenses: These are worn by people who cannot see objects clearly in the distance. This type of prescription is usually worn for driving, cinema, sports and other outdoor activities.

    Reading Lenses: If you need optical correction for looking at material close-up, such as reading, typing, and working at the desk, then you require reading lenses.

    Computer Vision Lenses: These single lens options help to alleviate computer vision syndrome (CVS), which typically includes eye strain, dry eyes, blurred vision, eye fatigue and neck or back pain resulting from working in front of a computer for prolonged periods of time.

    Plano (No Prescription) Lenses: Plano lenses do not contain a corrective prescription. They are used purely for fashion purposes. Plano lenses include the same benefits as our normal prescription lenses, including 100% UV protection.


    Bifocals (with line): Bifocal lenses incorporate two different prescriptions for people with presbyopia. After the age of 40 many people start to develop presbyopia, which means they are both myopic (nearsighted) and hyperopic (farsighted). Bifocal lenses allow a person to see objects in the distance through the upper part of the lens, while a line separates a lower segment of the lens that is adjusted based on specific ADD power for nearsighted reading and activities.


    Progressives (Multifocal without a line): Many people find it difficult to focus on objects far away as well as close-up after the age of 40, this is called presbyopia. Progressive lenses that are multifocal allow for more than two prescriptions for clear vision regardless of an objects distance. This type of lens includes distance, intermediate and near zones that are seamlessly integrated. Unlike bifocal lenses, progressive lenses offer no visible line which can cause an "image jump". Those with presbyopia often prefer multifocal progressive lenses because vision seems more smooth and natural without the line.

    Computer (Progressive Style): A newer lens among the progressive lens types is the computer progressive lens. These lenses are used to help treat presbyopia. Unlike the progressive category, the computer progressive lens comprises of a 50% nearsighted lens, 30-40% intermediate lens and a 20-10% farsighted lens solution. People that use computers will notice their vision requires a higher percentage of nearsighted and intermediate correction rather than farsighted correction. People with presbyopia using computers will find this to be an optimal lens solution.

    Lens Index Guide

    Standard Thin & Light Lens - 1.50 Index

    CR39 1.50 index lenses are an affordable choice for daily use and are 20% lighter than glass lenses. They are made using high-grade plastic and sourced from very reputable companies. These lenses offer a solid amount of ultraviolet (UV) light protection. The CR39 lenses we offer are the standard plastic lenses options for refractive indexes of 1.50 and are considerably thinner than typical CR39 lens options in the market. These lenses are recommended with rimmed frames but not recommended for rimless and semi-rimless frames.

    Very Thin & Light Lens - 1.61 High Index

    High index lenses, also referred to as Hi-index, are an excellent choice for high prescriptions. They offer a higher refractive index compared to CR39 and Mid-index lens options of around 1.61. Along with optimal ultraviolet (UV) light protection, our 1.61 Hi-Index lens range are up to 20% thinner than normal plastic lenses. Hi-index lenses also are designed with shatter resistant properties making them an all around top choice for high prescriptions and ideal for rimless and semi-rimless frames.

    Super Thin & Light Lens - 1.67 High Index

    The middle option of the High index lenses range has a refractive index of 1.67. They are recommended for those with higher prescriptions and are looking for a thinner lens option for cosmetic appeal. On average, the 1.67 index is around 30% thinner than 1.61 Hi-ndex lenses.

    Ultra Thin Lenses - 1.74 High Index

    The thinnest 1.74 High index lenses option available among plastic lenses is also the most expensive. These lenses are the lightest lens option among the Hi-index plastic lens and are the thinnest due to a reduction of both edges. 1.74 refractive index lenses can be up to 40% thinner compared to standard plastic lenses.

    Arise Clarity (Index 1.50, 1.56, 1.61, 1.67)

    You can find more information about our lenses in our Optical Center. If you cannot find the answer to your question, feel free to contact us anytime!

    Prescription Sunglasses

    Prescription Sunglasses can be ordered online through SmartBuyGlasses. We provide prescription lens fitting options for a selection of our sunglasses models. Our in-house color-matching specialists ensure that the color of your prescription lenses order is an exact match to the original sunglasses lens color. Our optometrists also offer the option to provide a specialized lens color service whereby you can choose from a wide array of more than 20 tints if you prefer the color of the lenses to differ from the original. Polarization and transition options are also available based on a selection of sunglasses models.

    Prescription lenses are possible for designer sunglasses models which originally have two separate lenses. Please note that not all sunglasses models can be fitted with prescription lenses, it is dependent on your prescription needs and the design of the frame.

    Prescription Guide

    Purchasing a pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses is painless with the SmartBuyGlasses online shopping RX process. Our optometrists recommend the following lens material for the following category of eye prescriptions. For step by step instruction on how to read your eye prescription from your optometrist, please visit our FAQ.

    All lenses options are made from high-grade plastic due to better clarity, higher durability and lightness compared to glass lenses options. Please be aware that the cost of each lens material differs based on thickness of the material. The least expensive option is CR39, due to a lower refractive index (lens thickness). The higher the chosen index, the thinner and more expensive the lenses will cost.

    Lens Thickness Single Vision Bi-focal Progressive Sphere Range (SPH)
    House Brand 1.50 Below +/- 1.25
    House Brand 1.61 +/- 1.50 to +/- 3.50
    House Brand 1.67 +/- 3.75 to +/- 5.50
    House Brand 1.74 Above +/- 5.75
    Arise Clarity HD 1.50 Below +/- 1.25
    Arise Clarity 4K 1.61 +/- 1.50 to +/- 3.50
    Arise Clarity 8K 1.67 Above +/- 3.75

    Premium Lens Options

    At SmartBuyGlasses, our full-range of optical services includes a range of specialized premium lens as well as professional coating options. Shopping online for your prescription glasses or sunglasses has never been easier. We assure 100% accuracy when our optometrists fill each RX glasses order for guaranteed product satisfaction.

    Lens Type Tint Transition Polarization FREE Coatings
    Single Vision

    Additional Lens Options

    Tinted Lenses

    Tinted lenses can reduce glare when driving, or enhance your appearance. Unlike transition lenses, the color of a tinted lens will remain the same at all times. Lighter tints like pink are used for fashion purposes, whereas darker tints such as grey or brown can be used to provide sunglass protection. A yellow tint can be good for night time driving. If you are light sensitive, then grey is recommended as it is very neutral. Brown gives the wearer a better contrast between colors, and so is suitable for wearers who like to play golf and tennis. Please see our tint color chart for the many options on offer. You can choose from a choice of 24 tints. We also offer a lens color matching service where the color of your new prescription lenses matches the original color of the designer sunglasses lens.

    • Green & Polarized: Reduces glare without distorting colors for bright sunny conditions.
    • Brown & Grey: Enhances contrast and is highly recommended for conditions with the brightest sunlight. Grey is especially good for water sports where the strongest sunlight is reflected off water. Brown gives the wearer a better contrast between colors, and so is suitable for wearers who like to play golf and tennis.
    • Yellow & Amber & Gold: Filters out blue light and brings out shadows, making them suitable for most conditions, especially in low to moderate light. A yellow tint can be good for night time driving.
    • Purple & Rose: Best used for low-light conditions as they bring out shadows and contours. Lighter tints like pink are also great for their cosmetic appeal.

    Polarized Lenses

    Polarized lenses are used to reduce glare from reflective surfaces such as the surface of the water or dash of a car by filtering out reflected light. Polarized lenses are suitable for wearers who enjoy outdoor sports, fishing or driving. Our polarized lenses are available in grey and brown.

    Transition Lenses

    Transition lenses are also known as photochromic lenses. They stay clear at night and when the wearer is indoors. Transition lenses will automatically change their level of tint according to the light conditions outdoors when exposed to UV light. This kind of lens helps the wearer enjoy life in different light conditions. The transition lenses we offer are available in grey and brown.

    FREE Lens Coatings

    Scratch resistant coating

    All of our plastic lenses come with a scratch resistant coating as standard on both sides of the lens. This coating is designed to reduce every day wear and tear to prolong the life of your glasses. Please note: a scratch resistant coating is not completely scratch proof but it is much more resilient to scratches than an uncoated lens. It can still be scratched if treated roughly.

    Anti-reflective coating

    An anti-reflective coating dramatically reduces surface reflections from artificial lights. These reflections can interfere with the vision of the wearer as reflections reduce the clarity of the lenses. This coating is recommended for indoor use and also for night time driving. An anti-reflective coating produces extremely clear lenses so the lenses appear almost invisible.

    UV protection

    UV treatment in eyeglass lenses blocks the sun's harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays from damaging our eyes, specifically UVA and UVB rays. Many people forget that eyes also need to be protected against harmful UV rays, just like our skin.

    At SmartBuyGlasses we recognize the need to protect eyes in order reduce complications and issues in the future by providing FREE UV coating for all prescription orders.
  • Standard & Premium Lens Pricing

    Product Category Lens Type Lens Index (Thickness) Lens Price (CHF)
    Sunglasses Distance Wear Standard Thin & Light (1.50) CHF45
    (Single Vision) Very Thin & Light (1.61) CHF65
    Super Thin & Light (1.67) CHF99
    Reading Only Standard Thin & Light (1.50) CHF45
    (Single Vision) Very Thin & Light (1.61) CHF65
    Super Thin & Light (1.67) CHF99
    Fashion Standard Thin & Light (1.50) CHF45
    (Single Vision) Very Thin & Light (1.61) CHF65
    Super Thin & Light (1.67) CHF99
    Progressive Standard Thin & Light (1.50) CHF125
    (Progressive) Very Thin & Light (1.61) CHF135
    Super Thin & Light (1.67) CHF155
    Eyeglasses Distance Wear Standard Thin & Light (1.50) CHF45
    (Single Vision) Very Thin & Light (1.61) CHF65
    Super Thin & Light (1.67) CHF95
    Ultra Thin & Light (1.74) CHF125
    Arise Collective Clarity HD 1.50 CHF65
    Arise Collective Clarity 4K 1.61 CHF95
    Arise Collective Clarity 8K 1.67 CHF115
    Reading Only Standard Thin & Light (1.50) CHF45
    (Single Vision) Very Thin & Light (1.61) CHF65
    Super Thin & Light (1.67) CHF95
    Ultra Thin & Light (1.74) CHF125
    Arise Collective Clarity HD 1.50 CHF65
    Arise Collective Clarity 4K 1.61 CHF95
    Arise Collective Clarity 8K 1.67 CHF115
    Fashion Standard Thin & Light (1.50) CHF35
    (Single Vision) Very Thin & Light (1.61) CHF65
    Super Thin & Light (1.67) CHF95
    Ultra Thin & Light (1.74) CHF125
    Arise Collective Clarity HD 1.50 CHF65
    Arise Collective Clarity 4K 1.61 CHF95
    Arise Collective Clarity 8K 1.67 CHF115
    Progressive Standard Thin & Light (1.50) CHF125
    (Progressive) Very Thin & Light (1.61) CHF135
    Super Thin & Light (1.67) CHF155
    Ultra Thin & Light (1.74) CHF195
    Arise Collective Clarity HD 1.50 CHF235
    Arise Collective Clarity 4K 1.61 CHF285
    Arise Collective Clarity 8K 1.67 CHF335
  • Prescription Warranty & Return Policy

    24 Months Warranty

    At SmartBuyGlasses, we want every customer to feel confident with their purchase and to know that our quality customer service does not simply end after the order is shipped. To cover all scenarios, we offer our own exclusive 24-month warranty against all manufacturers' defects without exception, on on all of our prescription sunglasses, prescription glasses and frames. Our dedicated international customer service team works around the clock to provide 100% customer satisfaction. Shopping online with us is effortless and you are guaranteed to find the latest in eyewear fashion for all your optical correction needs.

    100% Lens Return Guarantee

    We uphold a 100% Prescription Lens Return Guarantee at SmartBuyGlasses Switzerland. All of our prescription lenses orders are filled using only the highest quality lenses and we assure that each prescription order is filled with 100% accuracy. We ensure accurate vision and clarity for each and every prescription eyewear order that is shipped. The SmartBuyGlasses Optical Lab provides premium service and will gladly assist in the event that the ordered lenses or the frames are not suitable. Customers can choose to correct the lenses with frames, a full refund of the lenses with frames (in original condition) or exchange the ordered frames with new lenses free of charge. The SmartBuyGlasses customer service team is always on hand to answer your questions, so please feel free to email us for more information regarding our 100% Lens Return Guarantee.

    100 Day Return Policy

    In the event that the product is not suitable, SmartBuyGlasses Switzerland offers every customer a full 100 day return policy on all prescription eyewear. To learn more, please go to our Returns, Exchanges and Warranty Information.

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